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FAQ for
Home Cleaning

let our crystal ball answer your questions

  • What if the Cleaner Doesn't Show Up?
    If the cleaner doesn't come even after you've booked, don't worry. We'll give you RM50 credits in your DEHOUZE wallet and help you set up a new cleaning time that suits you.
  • If Cleaning Isn't Good Enough?
    If you're not happy with the cleaning, just take some pictures of what's not right within 2 hours of finishing. If our cleaner didn't do a good job, we'll put 10% back into your DEHOUZE wallet.
  • Something Goes Missing?
    We recommend keeping valuable stuff safe during cleaning. But if something goes missing, let us know quickly. We'll help you with the documents you need to report to the police.
  • Changing Plans Last Minute?
    Changing your mind at the last minute? If you cancel or change a confirmed booking after 4PM the day you book , there's a charge of RM50.
  • Cleaning at Night?
    Want a late-night cleaning session? You can book a cleaning that ends by 10.00PM. But if it's past 7.00PM, there's an extra RM25 charge for every cleaners working late.
  • If Cleaners Are Late?
    - If the cleaners are more than 30 minutes late, you get RM25 free credits in your e-wallet. - If it's more than 45 minutes, it's RM50 free credits in your e-wallet. - If it’s more than an hour, you get RM50 free credits and we'll reschedule for free.
  • Extending Cleaning Time?
    Need more cleaning time? Just tell your Area Manager. But remember, we DO NOT allow cleaners to accept direct payments, as we aim to maintain clarity and professionalism in all transactions.
  • Cleaners Making Changes?
    If a cleaner talks to you personally about changing the timing or number of cleaners, tell your Area Manager. We're strict about following our rules.
  • Refunds
    You can cancel and get a refund, but we'll keep 10% for the trouble.
  • Tools and Equipment?
    We DO NOT provide tools, but you can get them for RM40 more. Just tell our sales team before 4PM the day before your cleaning. Please prepare broom & dustpan, mop & bucket, brush/scrubber, detergent, cleaning cloth, and rubbish bags. This way, we'll be all set to make your place shine!
  • Additional Services?
    For example ironing. Normally, we don't do anything within our job scope. But if you tell us early, we can try to accommodate your request.
  • Pets Around During Cleaning?
    To ensure the safety of both our cleaning team and your beloved pets, please inform us in advance. While our team is pet-friendly, we kindly request that your pets are confined to a secure area. We hold the right to decline service if pets are not safely kept during cleaning.
  • E-Wallet Credit Validity
    The e-wallet credit remains valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance. However, it's important to note that free credit holds a validity of only 3 months.
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